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Hello and welcome !

Hi, I'm Isabel Warrington but most people call me Izzy. I have always been artistically inclined and during my life journey I've had the joy of training as a dancer, an actor, a painter, an artist and designer. I have an insatiable curiosity about anything creative and I love the fluidity of my life.  A lot of my work is related to theatre, be it costume design, acting, creation of props. I am also known for my caricatures which have opened up a world of opportunity both for private commissions as well as entertaining at events.

After many years earning a living as a graphic designer, I've gone back to fine art

and freestyle drawing. At the moment watercolour is my preferred medium although I still enjoy experimenting with other media, especially making costumes out of discarded objects and materials.

Here is some of my recent work. I do my best to keep you updated on recent and current projects so check out my Events and Updates page for more information.


Enjoy your tour of my website and do get in touch if you would like to commission me or buy any of the artworks you see here.

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